Fogstack: Unified Data Stack for Fog Computing

As more and  more devices start to interact, we will need  a  data synthesis  platform to share intelligence between two devices.  When at home, when  your appliances, lighting, security, entertainment systems are connected to your phone, it  would be smart to allow devices to personalize  settings based on usage patterns of the user. And we are talking about home environment, we are looking at a group of people, their individual preferences and their usage

For instance, If you ever tested positive for fever, data can be picked up from  the digital thermometer to  change settings of the room temperature and to change the temperature  at the taps. This would need  seamless data exchange between two device applications  which uses the router to communicate

With more intelligence (fog computing) that can be localized to the router, the application is deployed on the router which   connects to all the touch-point devices and creates a seamless flow for data exchange and analysis. This would provide a complete usage journey between all connected devices from which usage patterns can be extracted to create personalized settings

The home user would need to download the application on  their phone to configure and manage devices and rules to create a smart environment at home.

A graphic illustrates the  applications of  Fogstack – an unified  data stack  for hybrid applications combining fog and cloud computing



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