How Unsupervised Deep Learning operates within RM2 Platform

The RM2 Platform is a hybrid model for Unsupervised Learning which combines aspects of Kohonen’s Self-Organizing Map (SOM) and Recurrent Networks like Hopfields Network. The Unsupervised feature of RM2 Platform, where no known target outputs are associated with each input pattern, can be compared to the Kohonen’s SOM where the SOM processes the input patterns and learns to… Read More How Unsupervised Deep Learning operates within RM2 Platform

Machine Reasoning and Abstraction

To begin, we recommend watching a brilliant video produced by DARPA (below), which cuts through all of the AI hype clutter to clearly articulate how demonstrated machine intelligence has evolved along with its shortfalls. In summarizing AI capabilities, we may observe that perception and learning capabilities matured during the second wave of development. The hard reasoning that… Read More Machine Reasoning and Abstraction

Pattern Recognition using Strings

Unsupervised machine learning is the machine learning task of inferring a function to describe a hidden structure from unlabeled data. We could state that unsupervised learning is a feature of natural neural networks that is required to be replicated in a machine toward the achievement of autonomous unsupervised learning. In order to achieve the outputs of unsupervised… Read More Pattern Recognition using Strings

Data Modeling for Artificial Intelligence

To create a model for Artificial intelligence, it is important that we first understand natural intelligence, because our task is to simply mimic and exhibit intelligence using digital data. So we put forth a possible data structure employed by the brain to process information, in line with the Adaptive Resonance Theory (ART) developed by Stephen Grossberg… Read More Data Modeling for Artificial Intelligence

Framework for Absolute Knowledge (Singularity)

We are rapidly advancing toward a world of perfect knowledge. With countless sensors gathering data increasingly ubiquitously (e.g., autonomous cars, satellite systems, drones, wearable devices, cameras), we will be able to know practically anything we wish, anytime and anywhere, as well as have the capacity to query vast data repositories for insights and answers. The… Read More Framework for Absolute Knowledge (Singularity)