How far is AI from being intelligent like humans?

Though there has been good progress in demonstrating AI, it looks like we need to do a lot to get there or we might be looking the other way. This is quite evident among current approaches as they lack understanding of data organization (logical model) and rely on heuristic approaches to make machines behave like humans. AI... Continue Reading →

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Autonomous Learning Machine

In order to create ‘Strong AI’, we need to look no further than the cognitive processes of the human brain. We will see that processes involving anticipation, prediction, reasoning and abstraction are merely a combination of processes; and these can be mimicked by the machine, in order to behave just like a human. However, today’s... Continue Reading →

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Unsupervised Learning With Minimalism

A demonstration of Unsupervised AI might be when a robot can think and act responsibly within a given environment, akin to what humans would typically do. In order for machines to replicate human intelligence they require two critical elements, as do humans; time and data. A human exhibits intelligence by first collecting/absorbing data over a period... Continue Reading →

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