Autonomous Learning Machine

In order to create ‘Strong AI’, we need to look no further than the cognitive processes of the human brain. We will see that processes involving anticipation, prediction, reasoning and abstraction are merely a combination of processes; and these can be mimicked by the machine, in order to behave just like a human. However, today’s... Continue Reading →

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Minimalism (computing)

In computing, minimalism refers to the application of minimalist philosophies and principles in the design and use of hardware and software. Minimalism, in this sense, means designing systems that use the least hardware and software resources possible. You could compare this with the functioning of the human brain, which exhibits intelligence using least hardware (sensory organs)... Continue Reading →

How Unsupervised Visual Learning operates within RM2 Platform

The post articulates how Visual Learning works in the RM2 Platform at a high-level. The Visual learning feature in RM2 is integrated into the unified architecture where visual object detection and learning are integrated to achieve real-time detection and behavior prediction in a given environment. In order to accurately detect objects and learn from correct... Continue Reading →

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How Natural Language Processing operates within RM2 Platform

Introduction The post provides an overview of how RM2 Network uses unsupervised learning to process Natural Language using reference visual inputs along with the object label, just like the way humans do. We believe that in order to deliver effective machine-human communication, we need to incorporate visual cues within language learning which will give the ability... Continue Reading →

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How Unsupervised Deep Learning operates within RM2 Platform

The RM2 Platform is a hybrid model for Unsupervised Learning which combines aspects of Kohonen's Self-Organizing Map (SOM) and Recurrent Networks like Hopfields Network. The Unsupervised feature of RM2 Platform, where no known target outputs are associated with each input pattern, can be compared to the Kohonen's SOM where the SOM processes the input patterns and learns to... Continue Reading →

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Unsupervised Learning With Minimalism

A demonstration of Unsupervised AI might be when a robot can think and act responsibly within a given environment, akin to what humans would typically do. In order for machines to replicate human intelligence they require two critical elements, as do humans; time and data. A human exhibits intelligence by first collecting/absorbing data over a period... Continue Reading →

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